Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Oasis Surf Camp

My new address is number 1 Oasis Surf Camp, Santa Catalina, Veraguas, Panama.  Please forward all future correspondence to this address, I will be here for the next 3 days.
The nearest town is a 20 minute walk and there's not a whole lot there anyway.  We have reached the Pacific coast and the bay where we are staying has very little civilisation, just a few little huts and homes, a little beach restaurant and bar, a surf shack and then the rest is sea, surf, palm trees, black sand, rocks and forest.  It was blazing hot sun when we arrived with a nice breeze and felt good for a run to either side of the beach.  It's now raining with occasional cracks of thunder and lightning, apparently it does this pretty much every evening.
Tomorrow we are going to get surf lessons and surf all day and surf probably all day the next day too.  Some nice big waves by the look of it so should be good. 
Having travelled through Costa Rica and Panama with a group that includes 6 Germans and 1 (German speaking) Swiss I feel more inspired than ever before to learn more language, namely Spanish and German.  I feel pretty dumb sometimes relying on everyone speaking English to me.  I was learning some German words from Maria on the bus journey today, it was in a casual jokey way but I do have a genuine interest now, which is the complete opposite of my attitude 15-20 years ago.

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