Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Yesterday we arrived in the sleepy hilltop town of Boquete.  Its quiet, small, surrounded by forest amongst the hills, 1000m above sea level.  we've got activities planned for the next day so I just wanted to chill out but Becci says "you can chill out when you're dead" so off we go to hire cycles out.   I was not keen at all seeing how steep the hills are but Bec is right I suppose.  It took about about an hour to cycle up, up, up higher into the hills in the pouring rain.  We stopped along the way to watch Phil, Jason and Maria who had gone climbing on a rock face, checked out some of the amazing scenery and then the most fun part....... The route that took an hour to ride up then took ten minutes to bomb down...... Woooooohoooooo!!!
In the evening we did some communal cooking in the hostel's kitchen.   We all cooked different food to share and eat together along with, well, plenty of alcohol.  I would say probably the best meal we had together so far..

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