Thursday, 19 December 2013

Magic people, voodoo people

Off out to see the Prodigy with Gaz tonight with 3 spare tickets in my back pocket!  5 have become 2 due to 3 mates foolishly dropping out but that's okay coz Gaz knows how to party hard enough to count as double.  I keep getting asked curious questions about the last time I went out in Manchester so I'll briefly detail the story now before it becomes overshadowed by tonight's antics.....

Couple of weeks ago went out to see Crystal Fighters play at Manchester academy with Ryan, Lewis, Mary, Diana and a few others.  Great gig, great atmos, all had a great time.  After that went for few beers and tequilas in a bar called The Deaf Institute.  Normal story so far!
A few of Diana and Maria's Spanish friends came and met us and when Ryan and co decided to call it a night I decided I'd stay out with my new Spanish buddies.  So anyway whilst walking to the next bar Maria stopped to talk to a homeless guy on the street, she got upset and decided we must take him with us to buy him some drinks in the warm, sounds easy enough but of course none of the bars or clubs would let him in wearing tracksuit bottoms, with a scruffy beard and his blankets stuffed in his backpack.  The fella who's name I don't recall kept getting turned away and so told us to carry on without him but Maria was determined and eventually we got him into a pub near the gay village.  We bought him a few beers and snacks and had a few games of pool and now in the early hours we decided to head for the nightclubs again and ended up in some gay nightclub down Canal Street.  There was certainly some sights in there! It was a bit more 'normal' than I expected but still there were lads camping it up in tight tops and hot pants all around the place.  By the end of the night I'm not sure where the homeless guy got to but I'm quite certain he had an unexpectedly eventful night.  Somehow without knowing the address got back to Diana's flat in a taxi somewhere between 5am and 6am.

A great night out but can it be topped tonight???  Yeah!!! Well we'll try of course!!!
Everybody in the place..... Let's go!!!

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