Friday, 20 December 2013


If you're wondering what The Prodigy sound like live then Id say... twisted-electro-dirty-techno-punk-rave.
 That about sums it up, my ears are still ringing a bit but it's okay, I'm happy to lose a few percent of my hearing to have experienced that because they have to be one of the best live acts I've ever seen. Awesome. Blown away.
  I mentioned in the previous post that Gaz and me would try and better my previous crazy night out in Manchester..... so.....well...... if I said after The Prodigy finished we left The Warehouse Project about 1.30am and we somehow ended up in a strip club drinking champagne with a group of fire eating dwarfs at 5am, how does that sound for another crazy night out?!  Wow!  What a night!  How do we get ourselves into these situations?  I mean I may have exaggerated a little bit there but even so!  Okay we walked past the strip clubs which showed great inner strength because we were desperately searching the city for a late night drink to keep the party going but not a single bar would let us in after 2am with it being a Thursday night.  Undeterred we tried about 10 different places between 3 different cab rides across the city but reluctantly retreated back to the hotel sometime after 3 to drink the only beer we could get our hands on, a few warm cans back at the room. Well we tried!
Eh? what?  the fire eating dwarfs?  Yeh sorry I made that bit up.

The Prodigy at The Warehouse Project, Manchester, Dec 2013

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