Monday, 6 January 2014

Tree Hugger

I don't feel like I get enough banter from my friends for being vegetarian anymore, they've become desensitised and even when eating out or at parties and bbq's the jokes dry up a lot quicker than they used to, so having been vegetarian for 5 years or so now maybe it's time to become a raw food vegan!  Yes, I've started on a week of eating raw fruit and raw vegetables only, to see how it goes.  So that means no processed food, no cooked food, no dairy products, just nice fresh fruit and veg.  Maybe this will get friends and family shaking their heads and asking the usual stupid questions like "but what do you eat?" and "I bet you still like the smell of bacon, do you crave a bacon butty sometimes?"

Here's a short article on the benefits of a raw food diet I found which saves me writing it myself

Maybe read this one too

and this

there's lots of stories about raw food diets helping cure cancer or reverse diabetes, here's one about a couple in their 60's who powered by a raw fruit and veg diet ran a marathon every single day in 2013

Happy tree hugging! x


Anonymous said...

Is beer permitted?

jonny brand said...

Don't drink much beer recently but the occasional blow out is probably inevitable