Monday, 17 March 2014

back of the net!

This Premiership season is the best for many years, not just because of the four teams fighting down to the wire for the title but because of the hilarious demise of Manchester United.  Utd have had a bad season, poor Moyesy looks more desperate every match and Ferguson looks seriously glum up in the stands whilst being secretly delighted with his calculated timely exit.  Man Utd 0 - 3 Liverpool, brilliant! The way Liverpool are playing I'm tipping them for the title.  Liverpool will take the title and United fans will hate that even more than City winning it which makes them perfect targets for poking fun at their once previously smug faces.  It's only a game though right?
Man Utd 0 - 3 Liverpool
David Moyes is a football genius
 Some of the best fun of all is goading any Utd fans you know.  As you can see below sending a few friendly messages seems to do the trick. You know what?  They don't like it!
Cheer up!

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R.O.B said...

The best thing is the pictures being posted reminding everybody of past glory for Man U... but that's just a reminder of how far they have fallen, that's the whole reason we are enjoying it so much... as if right now Liverpool or Chelsea would prefer to have 10 years of success behind them rather than 10 years in front of them...

Pathetic united fans who have never been to Manchester, latching on to a successful team because they think it raises their own status in life if they can call themselves a united fan. Now where do they go from here?

Not sure why I'm so happy about it though.

Anyway, 2013 - 2014 the best premiership season in history.