Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mondrian versus The Aliens

Went to the Piet Mondrian exhibition at the tate in Liverpool on Friday.  some people find this kind of art challenging, including the person accompanying me, and can be seen staring perplexed saying "I don't get it, anyone could paint that, what does it mean?"
Well whether you think a four year old could paint it or not I don't care.  If it has striking imagery or is visual immersive that's the only starting point I need, after that comes the creative thought process behind it and last is any supposed meaning.  You may still be saying "it's complete bollocks" and some of the stuff in the tate is nonsense to me too but someone somewhere will still like it, even if it's a creased up bed sheet or a tiny photograph of a spoon someone will still call it modern art.
If aliens with no concept of art landed tomorrow would they prefer Monet's water lilies paintings or schoolboy's scribbled drawings of a cock and balls?  Who knows? Or maybe they'd say they are BOTH bollocks, or maybe they have no concept of what bollocks are either OR maybe upon being shown The Haywain by John Constable aliens would dismiss our art as primitive and say it looks like Constable has just been flinging paint directly from the container onto the canvas..... nah them aliens are full of shit, they're talking Pollocks again now
No.VI Composition II (1920)
Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red (1937-42)
Tableau III (1914)

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