Friday, 6 June 2014


So you've been drinking Jonny's Golden Immortality Potion (J.GIMP) and by now you must be feeling great.  You're reading this so presumably you're still alive which also means it's working! I hope you are enjoying eternal life because now I am going to share a magical recipe inspired by J.GIMP which will enable you to live even longer still!!!  think of all the amazing things you'll now have time to do!
I now present to you

Jonny's Golden Eternal Existence Kurry (J.GEEK)

300ml or so of J.GIMP
Firm Organic Tofu
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Pak Choi
Coriander (fresh if poss, dried if not)
red chilli chopped
ginger root thinly sliced
cayenne pepper
sea salt
black pepper
Thick rice noodles

When cooking J.GEEK be sure not to cook on a high heat and do not fry anything, this will destroy the vitamins, minerals and enzymes and your life expectancy will become finite.
  1. heat your ready prepared J.GIMP on a low to medium heat and add desert spoon of cornflour.
  2. stir about with fork and when it thickens add water or cornflour depended how thick or how much sauce you want.
  3. chuck all the ingredients in and cook on ono more than medium heat for 10 mins.  Do not overcook ingredients should still look fresh, colourful and have crunch.
  4. the J.GIMP already had black pepper and cayenne pepper but throw some more in to spice things up a bit
  5. Meanwhile sort your rice noodles out
  6. slap it on a plate and eat it washed down with a glass of J.GIMP
  7. feel good. feel young. feel healthy.
  8. live forever
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