Monday, 25 August 2014

Swim, Bike, Run

Defending her title in Manchester at Salford triathlon Bec finished 1st.  A brilliant achievement you'd think but despite beating 2nd by a clear 5 minutes there were a few groans (from Bec not me) about her swim and bike time.  It was windy and rainy and numerous people crashed on the slippery bike course but even so Bec wanted to do better and that's what keeps her going.  This was last weekend but I've been a bit too busy to be making blog posts recently.

winner with both of her cups

The week before Salford was Liverpool tri.  Big Hurricane Bertha was waving her big butt about causing all sorts of havoc.  As a spectator it was brutal, I was battered by the wind and rain whilst struggling along carrying Becci's kit bags, whilst Bec had the advantage of being able to cycle and run to keep warm.  Good race by Bec but of course she was disappointed not to beat her last year's time despite racing in a hurricane.  The swimming didn't look so nice either especially as the docks are full of jellyfish.  The photos don't really convey the rough weather but they cancelled the men's race in the afternoon when Bertha was really really getting quite irrational and throwing street furniture around for no good reason.  typical women.
liverpool triathlon

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