Monday, 30 July 2012

periodic moon nonsense

read this
which obviously is just a made up story that has no factual basis.
now look at the photo, consider that the only light source is the sun, then look at the photo again and wonder why the astronaut is fairly evenly illuminated and the part of the vehicle 'in the shade' is not completely black.  illuminated by reflection from the moons surface?  well by the laws of light the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence so from the evidence of the environment shown in this picture only diffuse reflection from any uneven surface would be possible meaning only a very small amount of scattered light would reflect back to the shaded side of any people or objects. so in summary the astronaut and objects in this photo should be heavily shaded.  those involved claimed no artificial lighting or reflectors were used in these photos.  conclusion- photo was either faked or edited.  why? we don't know.  
As for the flags that are still in place on the moon, well the extremely small amount of evidence to prove this just shows that this is one of those periodic small stories to reinforce the public's belief that man walked on the moon.

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