Thursday, 16 October 2014

favourite albums collage v1.1

It was all very good having the idea to make a favourite albums collage but the problem is that when i think of albums i've missed out it's extremely difficult for my brain to dismiss it and move on.  when i realised the fact that the original didn't feature new forms by roni size and up the bracket by the libertines it was physically impossible not to spend another hour or so creating a new image.  no revolver by the beatles? no junior murvin? what was i thinking???!

By this time next week driven by obsessive compulsion I'll probably have to ask nicely at the cinema to see if they'll let me use one of their screens to finish the project off.....
beck, odelay, the la's, vampire weekend, the wailers, fatboy slim

right then, what have i missed now?

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