Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brit awards are dead

When I see the nominations for the brit awards it does make me laugh at how irrelevant they are.  I seem to remember there being at least a small amount of credibility and maybe around the mid 90's I'd actually watch the show with some interest in who won what.  Now unless I hear something in passing on the radio I wouldn't know much at all. Nomination for best British breakthrough act- Rita ora? Haha! Firstly she was around way over a year ago so hardly a new on the scene breakthrough and then there's the use of the word 'best'. 
Some better more appropriate awards would be;
- most pimped on radio one
- best new suspiciously over promoted British band
- consistently generic lifetime achievement award
- best mime act
My current favourite newish bands are
Django Django, howler, parquet courts, grimes and Parma violets.
Good music is all subjective I suppose but I guarantee that none of the artists I list there will get anywhere near a mention at the brit awards and I maintain that they are all far more innovative and musically artistic than any act performing or receiving an award at the brits.

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