Tuesday, 22 November 2011

the concrete hill

Tuesday 22nd
Dhampus to Sarangot
Another change of plan, we decided to trek to Sarangot, stay the night there and return to Pokhara tomorrow.  From the hilltop of Sarangot there'll be more panoramic mountain scenery as well as a birds eye view over Pokhara and Phewa Tal lake.  Even after a decent 9 hours sleep I feel tired today, my legs feel heavy and I feel like I'm trudging along, I was reluctant to go to Sarangot so maybe that's partly why, but I keep telling myself every moment is different, cheer up and be positive.  As we get closer to civilization the scenery becomes less impressive but then that's understandable in comparison to the last 5 days.
A group of schoolboys follow us because apparently they think I might be an Indian movie star, I play along with it whilst daydreaming about how a better suntan could blag me into Bollywood.  They show Becci a cute little letter they have written in English which says their youth club needs money to buy footballs and equipment, I gave them 50 rupees which maybe they'll spend on sweets but even if they do I still admire their entrepreneurial spirit.
We reach Sarangot at about 3.30pm and although I didn't enjoy todays walk so much maybe it was worth it for the views once we're here, the whole of Pokhara layed out below us surrounded by rolling hills and then the mountain tops in the distance, the views are good but its a shame most of the hill has been concreted over.  Ram has brought us to a place called Lake View Lodge which without wanting to be negative again we're not that fussed on so we go for a walk around the corner and find a nice friendly little family run place called Tourist Lodge, sat there with an Everest beer watching the sky turn different shades of red behind the shadowy hills.
Overall the trekking has been brilliant, an amazing experience that I'm hoping to do again but now we've finished I'm keen to get back to the city, Pokhara tomorrow then back to Kathmandu and on to Bhaktapur and Patan, or at least thats the plan anyway........

Yeti news update
I have photographic evidence of a large footprint in the mud.  Despite contrary reports it was definitely already there before I came by.  Conclusion - probably a yeti
probable yeti footprint

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