Monday, 26 October 2015

Hangover city

25 October 2015

Yeh so after last night I woke up at 11am ready for the yoga class at 7am, oops, oh well it was never gonna happen was it?  We've rearranged for tomorrow morning instead though.
Had a lazy day at the beach with Amanda, Cornelia, Bettina and Steve recovering from last night's party which enabled Bec to get some long awaited sun bathing done.
Some of our new friends are leaving today to move onto somewhere else or set off home.  It's strange really, as we do hugs and goodbyes with Bettina and Cornelia we're waving off good friends but then we only met 10 days ago.  Andri our tour leader is a nice guy too, I guess he has to do these goodbyes every couple of weeks.  We've missed some of the others who've already jetted off whilst we were out but Steve and Amanda are still around so we go out for food, drinks and live music at night before saying our goodbyes to Steve our big super happy Canadian buddy who is getting a boat out to a nearby island in the morning.  Right ok yoga at 7 in the morning, I think I can manage it this time.....

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