Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yoga, bikes, beach

26 Oct 2015

A 7am yoga class to start the day, my first ever class but fortunately for me I've got elastic arms and legs and find I'm able to nail the full variety of contorted positions.  Enjoyed it actually and we were invited to join a session tomorrow on the beach which we will do.
After yoga we were in time to wave goodbye to Elson and Evelyn as they go off onto another tour and just catch Cornelia, Steve and Andri too as they're leaving to say a second goodbye.
Usual Indonesian breakfast of rice and noodles and then Bec me go hire bikes out to explore a bit of the coastline and chill for a while on the beach.  That's it for today really, it's all winding down now. 
We went out with Amanda for tea as the last remaining members of our travel group and fortunately for Bec and me Amanda still has some money left and was able to bail us out of not being able to pay our meal bill.  My bank haven't unblocked my account for overseas like I asked them to and so we're stuck without money and relying on credit from Bank of Amanda to survive.
I've sorted it now though but that will probably be an extremely expensive call to telephone banking.  Another downside to this means we can now afford to pay for our airport taxi and departure tax and will not be stranded in Bali.

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