Thursday, 3 December 2015

I am a terrorist sympathiser.....

.....according to David Cameron.
Cameron urged his MPs not to "walk through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers" before the vote on whether Britain should start military strikes in Syria.  Being anti-war and against illegally bombing other countries is apparently an extremist view, bombs are always the answer and anyone who disagrees (most of the British population) is a terrorist sympathiser.

If you're not sure what a terrorist sympathiser is or what one looks like I did a quick bit of research and found the following images to illustrate it perfectly.....

Now that Britain has already started bombing Syria after MPs voted yes yesterday Cameron has finally got the war he's been desperate for, hold on though..... remember what he said a couple of weeks ago?
But why is nobody asking where ISIS and militant groups are getting all their weapons from?  Who's funding them?  Who's buying the oil from the oil fields they control?  Who's letting new militants across the border into Iraq and Syria?  Who are the 'moderate' rebels? (surely no terrorists can be described as moderate).  Why are Turkey and Saudi Arabia still 'friends' and allies despite their shady connections to all of the above?
Stop the flow of weapons, money and people and eventually the problem is starved.  The majority of the fighters are paid mercenaries who fight for whoever pays the most, therefore no money = no army.  Stop the flow of arms into the region and they've nothing to fight with.  If we can spend billions on brimstone missiles why not spend billions on tackling the above instead and save many thousands of innocent lives being lost in the crossfire?
This way the only people who lose out are terrorists and people who own shares in the arms trade ;-)
Why aren't I the Minister for Foreign Affairs?

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya all destroyed. Syria nearly done. Next up probably Lebanon as a warm up for the big end goal..... Iran.

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