Tuesday, 22 March 2011

back in liverpooool

had a mooch about around liverpool today.  just missed the train by seconds, it was just pulling away as i got to the platform so i turned my run into a casual 'that wasnt my train' walk and decided the next half hour was best spent having a pint.  you'd think crewe train station would make for the most depressing pint ever but the happiest, most talkative and bordering on over-friendly barman manages to lift the atmosphere a bit.
got to liverpool and had a general aimless wander around for a while before heading to the tate.  i like the old cobbled streets, they ooze character and avoid the centre and liverpool one because although the new parts all look very nice and modern its all a bit superficial and souless.  always enjoy the tate, the exhibitions are always different each time i go.  they had salvador dali's lobster telephone  which although its not piece of art i fully appreciate its interesting to see a famous iconic piece.  an unexpected surprise was the "sculptures remixed" exhibition or as i preferred to call it the sculpture disco.  an exhibition of modern art sculptures, nothing unusual there but before entering you stick on a pair of  wireless headphones which are blasting out dj disco mixes, i enter the room with payback by james brown rattling my skull which somehow seems to work so so well.  there are various sculptures around the room, some of which are brilliant and then in the centre is a lit up disco dance floor, you know the ones with light up coloured squares.  i walked across it nodding my head and almost got carried away and broke out into a toe tap!
after the tate i went looking for somewhere to have a drink before heading home and took some photos of some buskers on the way, they didnt seem to mind although one of them looked bemused.  went looking for the kazimier club as i'll be there this saturday to see crystal fighters, couldnt find it or at least i thought i couldnt because i've now realised i walked past it several times.  went for a pint in the shipping forecast, a very brave name for a bar i thought but seems a decent place and think they have bands on sometimes.  actually had 2 pints, okay i know i was by myself but they had red stripe on tap and i couldnt resist it.

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