Thursday, 17 March 2011

today was a good day

had what feels like quite a productive day yesterday or at least i did more stuff than usual (usual = not very much).  had sky tv installed in the morning which ok maybe thats not very productive for a start off because there are now even more tv channels to vegetate infront of... so moving on the tesco van turned up and delivered the shopping... erm what? still a bit mundane? right well anyway i'd ordered a load of stuff to make my own sushi, you know like the proper sushi rice, dried seaweed, wasaabi, pickled ginger etc etc. i set about making what was inevitably going to be a complete mess but to the amazment of the world a platter fit for a japanese emporer was produced!
went out next with bec to visit my dad in hospital, he's recovering from pnuemonia and a lung infection, he seems to have perked up since the other day and is now brushing up on his dad jokes.  next stop on our hospital tour was the maternity ward to see scott and natalie and their newly produced human being called william.  i always feel a bit nervous holding a new born baby, my brain keeps telling me "concentrate, do not drop", but i managed not to drop him and even better i didnt make him cry.
straight after leaving the hospital i cycled across town to make it to thai boxing class and destroy myself by reaching the limits of my fitness and get covered in bruises.  think its doing me good though.
rushed home to get to the pub in time to wet baby williams head.  cycling fast through town in the dark with no lights swerving on and off the pavement is probably not all that clever especially when half the journey is spent riding one handed whilst one the phone.  home, shower, change and off to the pub.  a few pints and some crisps will have to make do for my tea tonight.  a good crowd turned up for a drink and a bit of banter and brings an end to my so called productive day.

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