Sunday, 27 March 2011

crystal fighters

went to liverpool last night to see crystal fighters at the kazimier club.  the night was only ever going to go well after being under charged for my over priced baguette at the train station and then finding a pound on the floor of the train.  met up with ryan, lewis, wildor and pete in the shipping forecast, quick pint and off to the kazimier.  what a great quirky little place the kazimier club is! even the security man on the door looks like a fire eater and then inside looks very theatrical- a circular room draped in red cloth with chandeliers (next to rotating disco balls) and my favourite touch some kind of eary looking carriage at the top of a flight of stairs next to the stage.

had a mess around while the support bands were on daring each other to touch peoples hats or beards....erm yeh i wont bother explaining more it wont sound as fun as it actually was.

crystal fighters finally came on stage at nearly midnight and what followed was utter brilliance, great tunes, great atmosphere, great fun.  the rest of the night was spent in heebie jeebies and becomes more and more sketchy the closer it gets to 5am.

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