Friday, 1 April 2011

tired tired zzzzzz

fell asleep at work today, i was on my dinner break so its not quite so bad.  feeling quite tired due to burning the candle at both ends. it stated with a delayed hangover from last saturday night, felt reasonably ok on sunday but then staying up too late sunday night helped progress into a hangover on monday. felt rough at work but forced myself to go to thai boxing after work, really didnt fancy it but then came out an hour later feeling invigorated.  the feel good factor and comfort of a day off work on tuesday encouraged me to stay up late on xbox live playing gaz on red dead redemption.  sleeping until 11am still left me feeling a bit jaded but didnt stop me staying up late again.  wednesday was a repeat of monday- couldnt get up, felt knackered all day, forced myself to thai boxing which woke me up enough to stay up late again. thursday similar story.

basically the daily cycle goes- cant get up, shattered all day, perk up later, stay up too late, not enough sleep, cant get up in morning.

i'm an idiot really, its getting on for 11pm now, shall i go to bed?.... maybe not quite yet....

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