Friday, 10 June 2011


bit of a surreal day today.  if i said a childrens tv show was filmed in my back garden today would you believe me?  a 15-20 strong camera crew turned up at 8am to set up filming for an episode of mister maker which i'd never heard of until recently.  morgan had had interviews recently to be on the show but unfortunately gaz and emma's garden wasnt big enough to film in so i casually offered up our garden, the tv people came to check it out and there we have it.  mister maker makes crafts with a child at their house and for some reason as part of the theme its done in the garden.

to make things a bit more odd i had to go to work and leave them to it, although bec was there for the morning.  dont know what the problem was with having the day off work but thats what i've come to expect.  managed to get away from work for a couple of hours anyway and rushed back in time to see a bit of filming.  very strange having the house overtaken by complete strangers running around a full on film set in my back garden.

morgan was brilliant, so confident and delivered all her lines first time, the campaign has started on twitter #BaftaForMorgan due to her brilliant performance.  bec had made a buffet including her homemade banana cake and chocolate cookie cake, word spread through the tv crew who gradually filed through requesting to sample the tasty treats, out in the garden the general buzz was how well morgan was doing and "have you had some of that cake"

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