Wednesday, 15 June 2011

lost in the woods

went for a run with ryan today.  he text me in the morning asking if i wanted to go trail running in bickerton.  at first i thought i cant be bothered whilst lying in bed at the time but then i reminded myself that i always claim to be a 'yes man' not a 'no man' so decided i'd enjoy it and needed the exercise.  the idea was just to do a few km through the hilly trails in the woods.  i loved it and surprised myself that i still have a reasonable level of fitness considering i've rarely gone running over the last 6 months.  i felt quite spritely and so decided i could maintain a good pace over about 5km in beautiful surroundings.  unfortunately taking a wrong turn and getting lost meant that after at least 10km my earlier enthusiasm was taking its toll.  with helpful directions in a little pub, from some workman and a few local people along the way we finally navigated back to the car.

my legs are gonna ache bad tomorrow but i reckon the resulting feel good factor from today will spark one of my running fads which is likely to last at least a couple of weeks until i get lazy again

its becs birthday today but i seem to have messed it up, she's annoyed with me because i didnt organise a day out until the last minute by which time she had agreed to work instead.  getting back in her good books is proving to be a challenge.

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