Sunday, 3 July 2011

not nineteen forever

currently sitting in the blazing sunshine in the back garden gathering myself together after a raucous night out.  the idea is once i've recovered to run to the train station to collect my bike that was left there yesterday en route to delamere forest.

went to see the courteeners who to be honest i'm not overly enthusiastic about but its a great excuse to get drunk and jump around.  you take your own drinks in which was great because i spent no money there whatsoever and happily swigged my pre prepared bottle of rum and coke, no queuing for overpriced warm beer in a plastic cup.  its a quality venue at delamere probably helped by the brilliant weather but also a good atmosphere.   anyway had good fun with ryan, lewis, wildor, lino and a load of others, got drunk, jumped around, bit of crowd surfing and the courteeners were alright too i suppose, the best moment of which was always gonna be "not nineteen forever"

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