Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Delhi time

About to embark on another adventure feeling largely unprepared but full of enthusiastic anticipation.  Lets see if this sounds alternative enough as a holiday..... Day one in Delhi I've arranged a backstreet tour led by an ex street child, we are staying in a guesthouse called 'Hotel Cottage Yes Please', and we'll be in Delhi for Diwali.  On from there if all goes to plan we'll travel sleeper trains, camp overnight in the desert, visit a famous camel fair, trek up to imposing rock face forts, fly down hilltop zip wires, boat over to a floating lake palace and probably not have time to see the Taj Mahal.  Yeah we don't feel obliged to visit the Taj Mahal, if we have time we'll squeeze it in at the end but we don't have it as an essential.

Delhi = GMT +5:30hrs

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