Friday, 22 February 2013

Locked on to the Lyceum

Just booked tickets for Sean Lock and Jack Dee at the Lyceum in Crewe.  It seems that all of a sudden Crewe is a credible place to sell out big theatres with big name stand up comics!  I'm also considering getting tickets for Rich Hall and Milton Jones but being as I've just paid for 8 Sean Lock tickets and 3 Jack Dee tickets I think I'd better wait until my friends have reimbursed some of the £250 I've just spent.
Well done to the people at the Lyceum though, looks like they're making a big effort although don't bother too much will Derek Acorah next time.  Yes unfortunately as well as liking a good laugh much of the population of Crewe are also gullible nonsensical idiots, unless that is they're actually buying Derek Acorah tickets for a good laugh too.

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