Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm a Costa Rica holiday seeker

Looks like this years adventure holiday has almost been narrowed down to Costa Rica!  Jungle, white water, volcanoes and beaches- sound fun enough? Definitely set on Latin America and having weighed up trips to Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador I think we're now zoning in on the Costa Rica/Panama/Nicaragua region.  All looks very exciting and on appearances sounds much less likely to give me Delhi Belly.  San Jose Belly doesn't rhyme the same so I think I should be safe this time.  I just need to scrape together a few hundred quid more then I can get it booked and start practising my Spanish
tener un buen viaje!

Took a trip to Manchester on Monday, mined some knowledge from the guy in STA travel and browsed some info over lunch in Las Iguanas.  We've done the last 2 trips to Nepal and India completely independently having only booked flights and arrived at Kathmandu and Delhi with no travel or accommodations booked and followed our roughly prepared plans to travel around.  This time I think we're going to pay for the security blanket of a tour as it sounds a bit more difficult to get around on the hop by yourself like we've done before, although it is rewarding when  you piece your travel plans together as you go along and turn up at a guesthouse with a backpack asking "have you got any rooms tonight?" it also takes a lot of planning and research and both before you go and while you're there.  So this time I'm looking forward to all that being sorted out and just enjoying the trip!

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