Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Petrodollar Warfare

All the wars, all the corruption, the lies, the media brainwashing, the false flag events, illegal invasions, cries of terrorism, recessions, bank collapses and the road the world war 3 can be directly linked in some way to one thing - the petrodollar.
This subject is huge and has many tangents to fire off at but here's an attempt at a brief summary;
The US dollar is backed by debt, unlike other countries America has no gold reserves to back the value of its currency and instead relies on a global demand for the dollar.  The federal reserve is not owned by the country, the government or the tax paying public but is in fact a private bank, it lends huge sums of money to the government and very literally creates more money out of thin air on the basis that the previous debt will be payed back.  These debts are now so vast they are impossible to ever pay back because the trillions of dollars required simply do not exist.  The one thing keeping the dollar and the whole American economy alive is global demand for the currency due to commodities conventionally being traded in dollars, namely oil and  trade of oil between countries is quoted in and directly linked to the value of the US dollar.
Now that's the basic system with I'm sure some oversights but it sets the scene for what follows, and basically what follows is war.

Saddam Hussein sealed his fate when he announced in September 2000 that Iraq was no longer going to accept dollars for oil being sold under the UN’s Oil-for-Food program, and decided to switch to the euro as Iraq’s oil export currency.  We all know what happened next of course, well we think we do anyway.  The 2003 invasion, the non existent WMD, the toppling of Saddam, the long drawn out occupation of Iraq, and the resulting 1 million Iraqis who have died as a consequence.  Anything else?  Erm... well yes actually..... In 2003 the Bush Administration implemented a switch for Iraqi  international oil sales to revert back to dollars instead of euros despite the fact that in mid-2003 the euro was valued approximately 13% higher than the dollar, and thus significantly impacted the ability of Iraq to finance rebuilding he countries infrastructure.
The Iraq war began March 2003; Baghdad fell in April; by June Iraq was now selling oil in dollars again
It is now obvious the invasion of Iraq had less to do with any threat from Saddam’s long-gone WMD program and certainly less to do to do with fighting International terrorism than it has to do with gaining control over Iraq’s hydrocarbon reserves and in doing so maintaining the U.S. dollar as the monopoly currency for the critical international oil market.
iraq oil

You get the general idea by now so apply this same thinking to many of the other US led wars, invasions, trade embargos and political interference and you'll find a pattern emerges.
LibyaGadaffi planned to cease selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars instead demanding payment in gold-backed Dinars (a single African currency made from gold).  The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.  The US fed us some propaganda and then stamped on Libya.
Afghanistan - Why have troops stayed so long? The US needs control of Afghanistan to exert influence over Central Asian reserves. (It is estimated that the Caspian Sea basin has $12 trillion reserves of oil and natural gas.).  Important pipelines cross through the region and Afghanistan is not only adjacent to countries which are rich in oil and natural gas (e.g Turkmenistan), it also possesses within its territory sizeable untapped reserves of natural gas, coal  and oil. The US does not necessarily intend to steal anyone’s oil but the nation remains utterly dependent on oil trade continuing in the dollar.
As the US dollar continued to lose purchasing power over time, several oil-producing countries began to question the wisdom of accepting increasingly worthless paper currency for their oil supplies. Today, several countries have attempted to move away, or already have moved away, from the petrodollar system. Examples include IranSyriaVenezuela, and North Korea… or the “axis of evil” if you prefer to use  the words of the mainstream media.  Additionally, other nations are choosing to use their own currencies for oil like China, Russia and India among others.
Clearly America aren't going to declare war on China, Russia or India (or at least not for a long while yet) but you will no doubt be aware of political unrest in the other countries I mention.
Venezuela - (failed) US sponsored military coup against Chavez.  Attempts to rig presidential elections after the death of Chavez in favour of the pro US Capriles against the socialist Maduro (failed again)
Syria - US funded rebels fighting the Assad 'regime' along with Israeli military interference by US proxy.
North Korea - Strict sanctions and trade embargos justified by the axis of evil story and exaggerated claims of nuclear war threat
Iran - The list of sanctions against Iran is pages long. There is a corresponding bipartisan belief by US government officials that Iranian citizens will become so inflamed by the effects of the sanctions that they will rise up and topple their government but this has not proved to be the case and Iran partly work round many of the sanctions using alternative trade agreements with certain countries such as Turkey, Russia and China.  Iran is the next big war waiting to happen and America just needs to concoct a decent reason to get in there that will carry enough public and international support.

Ultimately the petrodollar is going out of the window bit by bit and without the artificial demand for the US dollar that this system creates the whole US economy will come crashing down with potentially devastating effects.  America imports two thirds of the oil it needs and when the dollar crashes foreign fuel will be too expensive, the petrol pumps dry up and chaos will ensue, starting with panic buying then progressively empty supermarket shelves, looting, social breakdown, martial law, public uprising (this is part of the reason why the government wants to disarm the public through new gun control measures) and of course there will be significant wide reaching global economic problems particularly for those countries whose currency is closely linked to the US dollar.

There's no avoiding this scenario once it is upon us and unfortunately it is already upon us.  This explains why there is so much desperation to stir political unrest and initiate wars. The world is like a chess board with pieces being strategically moved every day and currently it's only really the pawns that have been taken off the board with maybe a rook or two trapped into a corner.  World War 3 is only a matter of time.....

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