Sunday, 5 May 2013

Israel attack Syria

Having been fully aware of Israels air strikes on Syria over the weekend from watching news on RT I was amazed when I checked the BBC news website and found no mention of it.  I then gave it a few seconds thought and realised actually I'm not amazed at all because that's exactly why I stopped watching mainstream news.  After Syria being a big news story last week surely this was a further development but clearly Israel's illegal attacks on Syria needs to be kept a bit quiet.  The US and the west are fighting a war by proxy in Syria, there needs to be a very good reason to officially invade because of the mess made in Iraq and Afghanistan so using a third party to provoke more war in the region seems to be the favourite tactic right now.  Iran, Lebanon and Russia have condemned Israels air strikes and unless things calm down we could be on the verge of a complicated regional war which have no doubt is exactly what Obama and co are itching for.  Whatever happens remember to expect full on media propaganda.  I'm not saying RT are the authority of truth and neutral news but here's some links to the stories the mainstream have put very little emphasis on.

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