Sunday, 5 May 2013

wakey lakey

Off to Ullswater in the morning. Last time we went to the Lake District I spoilt the break a bit by quite literally rendering myself a cripple.  I went trail running in the hills wearing an old pair of pumps, ran for an hour and a half, got back all ok but after a rest couldn't walk.  I'd jarred/sprained/strained (or whatever) the arches of my feet and it was so painful to put weight on my feet that I could barely manage a 5 minute hobble down the road to the pub later and the next couple of days involved me moaning about not walking too far etc.
This time I'm armed with a nice new pair of trail running shoes but think I'm probably a bit off the pace with my fitness.  We'll be waking up each morning in a kind of log cabin that looks a bit like a wooden igloo and then setting off to explore the woods, lakes and hills all day.  Looking forward to having no tv, phone or internet and going off the radar for a few days

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