Tuesday, 21 May 2013

music to my ears

music thats banging my eardrums right now.....

Django Django - there's rarely new music that you can truly say sounds different and original but this album does it and with such artistic brilliance that I listened to it over and over again for several weeks without even considering that other music existed.  A genuine long lasting classic that i guarantee my ears will not have forgotten about 10 years from now.  Django Django are number 1 on my list of must see bands at Glastonbury this year,  Rolling Stones?  pffft, not if they clash with these fellas!

libertines The Libertines- Up The Bracket  Can't quite remember what made me dig this out again but it's revival has enjoyed several full blast plays per day over the last few days with each airing somehow invoking that magic feeling of discovery the first time I ever heard it and realised instantly in that first moment this is one of my favourite albums of all time.  Rough, ragged, poetic brilliance.

it takes a nation of millions
Public Enemy - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back  Started listening to this recently out of my unstoppable curiosity to see them at Glastonbury next month.  From way back in 1988 tracks such as Don't Believe The Hype and Bring The Noise are still well known today but the album as a whole stands up strong against most of the utter shite that spews off the commercial conveyor belt today.  Decent genuine hip hop that has influenced most if not all rap artists of any distinction since.

tellin stories
The Charlatans - Tellin Stories. This album probably still sounds so exiting to my little sticky out ears because it carries with it the air of my late teens when music defined my identity.  This album was the Charlatans defining masterpiece and a perfectly carries the spirit of Rob Collins (who died half way through it's recording) along with a big new sound.  I remember around the time of release getting bruised, battered and drenched in sweat and beer at one of my first big gigs at Manchester Apollo.  On that memorable night my mate Scott's shoe came off during their first song which happened to be 'With No Shoes' and due to the crush in the hugely exuberant crowd he never managed to get it back on his foot spending the entire gig jumping around waving a dirty pump over his head.  Maybe the era and the memories bias my opinion but this remains a heavyweight album from first track to last.  An all time classic firmly back on my playlist.

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