Tuesday, 23 July 2013

World War 3

At some point over the next week surely you will have 13 minutes to spare, the video here is 13 minutes long and will explain, if you didn't already know, how and why world war 3 has already begun.  My previous rantings on Syria  and the less ranty, better written (in my opinion) post on petrodollar warfare help to summarise in my own words what the relevance of all this war talk is about. But I find the best source for understanding the real story behind the media/government war propaganda at the moment are the postings by Storm Clouds Gathering on youtube.

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This will now obviously take more than 13 minutes but I feel it's worth immersing yourself in for a short while even if you just scan through long enough to........ are you still reading? hello?  Ah I knew it!  Well the most popular post ever on my blog talks about Gervinho's massive forehead so maybe I should stick to the more popular subject matter of footballers with odd looking heads rather than the sleep inducing prospect of impending doom.  The page with the Gervinho post has 458 hits and if you type 'Gervinho hairline' into google my blog comes up 2nd, beaten only by baldcelebrity.com
Anyway what was I saying about World War 3?
Ahh don't worry it'll be fine.........

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