Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Goodbye friends, goodbye Panama

Up before 6am today to wave goodbye to Maria, Yasmin, Andi and Georgia. Got an hour or two of sleep and then up again to say goodbye to Carina and Silvi. Have made some good friends on this trip and it feels sad to say goodbye after 2 weeks of getting know new friends. Bec and me had breakfast and then said our goodbyes to Phil and Heyli too as they will leave in the afternoon while we are out in the city, all feels a bit strange, I've said maybe we should do a tour of Germany next year to meet up with all our new German friends! We set off to explore the city a bit more trying to hide a slight lump in my throat from all the goodbyes, don't tell anyone I said that, especially Phil! Usually Bec and me like to find a walking tour in one of our travel guide books to navigate ourselves around all the points of interest. Today though we've upgraded to a GPS tour map and are walking around holding a tablet. This has pros and cons, yes it's easier to find everything with a sat nav style guide but part of the fun is taken away because it's harder to get lost! For instance being unable to decipher poorly written directions with a not to scale map in Ho Chi Minh City, in Kathmandu and in Delhi got us into all kinds of trouble and often leads to some strange and unexpected experiences. Anyway we trekked from one skyscraper to the next, there's lots of shiny new modern buildings here and many more under construction, business seems to be thriving in Panama.  So unfortunately we didn't get lost but we did get soaked in heavy rain, it's really hot again today but occasionally without warning it will suddenly start tipping down. 
After a good 7 hours of walking we got back to the hotel and much to Bec's annoyance and frustration I felt exhausted and a bit sick and instead of going out for a meal on our last night in Panama I crashed out on the bed.  Last day tomorrow, we fly home late afternoon.

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