Saturday, 12 April 2014

Simon Spoons

After befriending my new cutlery playing homeless friend a few days ago I kept my word and found some cd's for him to play along to
He seemed particularly impressed with the 'Pete Tongs essential selection 98' cd.

He has decided to stay around the Nantwich area for a while because he has found some good bushes to sleep in at the park down by the river.  I told him not to bother going to Crewe but he did anyway and returned to Nantwich yesterday morning saying he was "not at all impressed with Crewe, it's grey and everyone's miserable".  This is a homeless fella turning his nose up at Crewe so why would anyone else want to go there!  I live there but I still agree!
I told him that he gets more out of life than most people.  Although I'm sure his life must be very hard sometimes he keeps positive and motivates himself to travel the country, see new places and interact with people wherever he goes.  Compare this to much of the nation that gets up, goes to work, come home to watch TV and then repeat again the next day.
Simon is off to Manchester next via Stoke, again I told him not to bother with Stoke but he'll find out why when he gets there!

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