Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Old town and onward

Off we fly home today but we have half a day free so no point kicking around the hotel all morning.  We set off early to walk along the waterfront to old town Panama, yes we've been there already but we felt like we didn't see everything properly and now we have our new toy to use with the GPS guide map.  It was worth doing because we visited a load of stuff we missed the other day apart from one little area that the police wouldn't let us get to because the president of Panama and/or Robert de Niro was there (?).
We also found a great little cafe called café René which kind of slightly made up for my poor attempt of a last night meal last night.  3 course lunch for $8.50, really fresh and tasty, fast friendly service, best meal of the trip and way better than one of those tacky themed tourist restaurants were the waiters are made to wear silly hats.
It's been a great trip, we've seen some beautiful places along the way- an active volcano, rainforests, desert islands, tropical corals, crashing rivers, waterfalls and pristine natural beaches.  We've also done some brilliantly fun activities- white water rafting, water skiing, a forest canopy zip line, snorkelling, surfing, cycling and bathing in volcanic hot springs.  I've also made lots of new friends and although everyone always says this and most likely don't follow it up I do intend to keep in touch and meet up again with many of them, I never knew Germans could be such good fun!
Auf Wiedersehen!

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