Thursday, 14 November 2013

Surf's up!

I wasn't great at water skiing BUT..... I am great at surfing! (well, relatively anyway).  I didn't bother with the surfing lessons.  Some of the others had lessons and while I was waiting for the surfer teacher dude to show up Phil gave me his board because he had injured himself.  So I jumped on, got a few tips from Andi and after a bit of practice I felt like I'd been doing it every day for my whole life.  By the afternoon I was even giving lessons myself, but for free because I'm such a cool, free spirited surfer dude now.  Feels so good catching a big wave and riding it all the way in.  Actually, the address I gave yesterday, just put that down as my permanent address and maybe send me some money because I think I'm gonna set up home here!  I understand now, Mr Foster...... You were right!  Surfing IS cool

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