Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Black Lips

 The Black Lips new album is once again pure brilliance.  It's not like they're unknown but most wouldn't know any of their songs or albums which in one way is a shame but in another is great becausetoo much  popularity often spoils a good thing.  With seven studio albums to their name, each somehow progressing and improving on the previous I reckon it's only a matter of time before one of their tracks gets enough radio airtime and suddenly goes mainstream, what happens then is everyone starts claiming that they've always loved the Black Lips and that they've had all their albums since day one (since they googled and quickly downloaded them all after hearing this one song on the radio a few times last week).

 So on that basis I'm here saying listen to the new album because it's brilliant but don't go telling eveyone if you like it, it's our secret.  And if you don't like them?  Yeh, good, I'm glad.
Luckily for you I've linked a stream for the whole album on soundcloud below and then you can buy it via any of these links

Favourite at moment is "Waiting", track 8.
 For the previous albums I'd say they roughly rank in order of brilliance from newest down to oldest.  Early albums are a good listen with a scattering of great songs through to recent albums which are quality start to finish.
 And as a last word if anyone fancies making a note that I've never seen them live then you don't need to wait for special occasions, they don't tour the UK very often at all so if you see anything then get me tickets and I will be your friend forever!

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