Sunday, 3 August 2014

Eat Your Art Out

portrait of Gareth Canvin by Morgan Canvin.  cheese, tomato, onion, pepper and olive on a dough base canvas. 2014.
portrait of John Brand by Megan Yoxall.  cheese, tomato, mushroom, pepper and olive on a dough base canvas.  2014

Two up and coming artists at the forefront of the pizza art movement created some astounding works of art yesterday only for the creations to go mysteriously missing shortly after they were exhibited.  Morgan Canvin and Megan Yoxall are two prolific artists who experiment in the medium of food. Morgan's piece of her father Gareth is created with incredibly accurate detail with a likeness which is unmistakable.  I am humbled that Megan chose myself as her portrait subject which as you can see is an extremely creative abstract study.

It is difficult to put a value on these new works because shortly after the masterpieces were removed from the oven they mysteriously disappeared.  There seems to be no plans to investigate this any further due to various art critics on the scene saying there is not a crumb of evidence.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the pizzas were eaten, not sure why the blogger cannot see this.

jonny brand said...

readers are reassured that the anonymous poster of this comment will be tracked down by their IP address and brought in for questioning