Friday, 8 August 2014

stop the killing...and...erm...start the airstrikes!!!

Obama authorises Iraq air strikes on Islamist fighters

.....says this morning's headlines.  So the 'rebels' that the US were backing, arming and funding in Syria to fight against the Syrian government are now called Islamic militants since crossing the border into Iraq.  If these Islamic State fighters or ISIS or whatever they are now calling themselves are forcibly taking control of Iraqi towns and slaughtering those who resist then yes it's terrible and must be stopped but then the same groups were trying to do the same in Syria and we were told they were the good guys when they were attacking Damascus.

Mr Obama said the US could not turn a "blind eye" to the prospect of violence "on a horrific scale", he said the US would act "carefully and responsibly, to prevent a potential act of genocide".

Erm..... Obama mate, are you talking about Gaza now?  No?? Oh right, yes of course, I forgot that Israel are merely defending themselves (with F-16 fighter jets), yeh you're talking about how we can't stand aside and allow all these innocent people to be oppressed and killed...... in Iraq

Too many people have died and suffered in Iraq already over the last 10 years of war so..... let's start airstrikes!!!

Speaking of the Iraq war and the million that died because of those pesky non existent WMDs.....

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