Friday, 8 August 2014

Hunter Gatherer Bakes a Pie

After a quick foraging mission within a 5 minute radius from home I returned with a bag full of tasty blackberries.  Whilst collecting these wonderful fruits alongside nearby pathways some of the passers by gave me perplexed looks perhaps wondering if I was actually going to eat these things despite them not being in a labelled plastic carton. Someone actually told me that a dog could have wee'd on them "they can wee quite high you know!", well I'd rather rinse doggy piss off them than cancer causing pesticides.  Anyway, the bushes are heaving with them at the moment but it doesn't seem the done thing to go picking them which means all the more for me!
Along with some apples from the tree in the back garden I made a nice forager's fruit pie. Yum!

Forager's Fruit Pie
ingredients: foraged blackberries, foraged apples, soft brown sugar, handmade pastry*.  
method: line dish with pastry, fill it, stick it in the oven, take it out of the oven, eat it.
*hand rolled block pastry foraged from a shop shelf

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