Friday, 10 April 2015

Cam pokes himself in the pie

Here's David Cameron tweeting to try and make himself look like a normal human but unfortunately for him the response is a barrage of abuse.  It's really not a great idea for politicians under such scrutiny to try and use social media, why do they do it???  Every single thing posted on his twitter account gets a very negative backlash, what possible benefit can this be to the soon to be ex-PM?  From the endless stream of replies and comments on this single tweet I'm struggling to find a single positive one, actually finding a moderate response that doesn't contain the word f*ck is difficult being as everyone seems to think he's a puppet/android/toff/corporate bum boy.

you've ruined everything else, can you leave pies alone

Going to donate them to one of the foodbanks you've made necessary Mr Cameron ?

who gives a fuck about your cookery skills...

Dave their are people going hungry in this country, so excuse me for not giving a fuck about your pies

. This is not the time for you to be pratting around baking. Haven't you seen the state of the NHS? The Economy? YOUR fault.

The pie tweet aside, reading the responses to any of his tweets really is not only entertaining but eye opening, I could devote a whole new blog to it.  It shows in clear, bold plain English what your normal person on the street thinks about modern politics in Britain, for example read the responses to this one about freezing rail fares for five years, everyone is tired of the transparent bullshit and tactical policies that end up as broken promises anyway.  The whole political system needs smashing up and reforming (aka revolution).

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