Friday, 10 April 2015

No point in voting?

Although I couldn't stomach it all, having watched a little bit of the political leaders debate on TV last week it was clear that the only sense being spoken was by Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood of the SNP and Plaid Cymru..  Unfortunately being as I don't live in Scotland or Wales I can't vote for either of them.  Maybe Natalie Bennett of the Green Party is the next best option being as the others are spouting the usual bollocks.
For the rest of them a bit of jargon busting might help make more sense of it all, that is, sense of how much bullshit they're talking.
National Deficit = how much the country overspends/ how much more debt is created.
National debt = how much the country owes/ how far in the red we are.
When they're talking about how much the deficit has been or will be cut that actually just equates to reducing overspending.  National debt isn't being paid off, we're actually still going further into the red.
So all this boasting about cutting the deficit is quite pathetic really.  Spending on public services will be cut by all of them, they just each choose a different sector to cut, but if the banks need bailing out again or if they want to invade a sovereign nation in the middle east or spend a few billion on unusable nuclear weapons then yep there'll be plenty of money for that.
Cameron- Swerved any awkward questions, claimed Labour left him a mess and he's spent 5 years successfully sorting it out, yes that's right he thinks his government is a success!  Clearly under the thumb of wealthy lobbyists to the Conservative Party. Spoke like a hairdryer, full of hot air.
Miliband- Claimed the opposite of Cameron, that the last 5 years has been a disaster which he repeated again and again and again. Tried his best to appear statesmanlike. Staring straight down the lens of camera one whilst talking to 'connect' with the people at home which likely came across as a bit creepy.  More likeable than Cameron though, just about.
Farage- On the subjects of the economy, the NHS, Europe, unemployment and well everything, there's big problems being caused by..... That's right you guessed it!  immigration.  If Farage was PM he'd build a big massive box around Britain and lock the lid.  We'd have no sunlight but that's a small price to pay for keeping the dirty illiterate immigrants OUT. (he's not racist though)
Clegg- Was he there?
Bennett- The Greens anti-corporate, pro environment, pro community message probably represents my views the best but unfortunately most people won't see past the leader's librarianesque image and inability to memorise every financial figure she's ever looked at (as if that's a realistic expectation)
Sturgeon- A decent performance which will likely sweep up most of Scotland's vote, good on the SNP for a strong nuclear disarmament policy.  Cancelling the renewal of trident would save the country from spending £100 billion on new nuclear weapons, so there we go, austerity problems solved and the human race more likely to survive.
Wood- Again, more girl power.  Left Cameron and co swerving her difficult questions and a zero tolerance policy on profiteering and privatising the NHS.

As good as the girls sounded though would they actually stick to their principles if they had any influence in a government? I mean nobody else ever does.  Because no government ever delivers on all their pre election policies there's a strong case to say don't bother voting, there's no point, nothing real will change.
The truth is that no matter who wins on May 7th, the public is destined for more of the same.  With a rigged media and all major parties representing the interests of an unaccountable financial corporate state elite, we can expect Britain to continue in further decimation of the economy and civil society and to continue to fall in line behind Washington’s perennial war mongering.  The real outcome of the election has already been decided by big business and its lobby groups and the higher echelons of the civil service. The election will be like rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking ship.


Gambo said...

Personally l think a combination of Sturgeon and Farage would be best. We should indeed build a massive stone wall around our island. By banning Trident 🔱 we would then have an abundance of boiling oil left behind by all the expelled immigrant street vendors and great kebab shops to pier over anyone that tried to enter our domain illegally! All our defence and economic problems solved l think!!!

R.O.B said...

I think everything will be alright.