Wednesday, 19 January 2011

doing things v not doing things

all too often i spend my spare time not doing things. there are things that i do and very much enjoy doing and when i'm not doing them i think about doing them but dont actually do them.

to make that make more sense ignore it and read what follows. 

i love art, i love making art even more, infact much more.  i often think about new ideas for paintings, photographs, designs and ideas for a multitude of creations.  all too often though they stay as ideas.  when i do start a creation like the one i started yesterday it wakes me up and makes my brain buzz and thrive, its a great feeling.  sometimes my work doesnt turn out well but even so the process of creating it feels good.

my travel blog needs updating too.  i started writing up my vietnam diaries but only posted up to day 2.  i'm gonna get that sorted and uploaded with photos over the next week. once i've finished and tarted the blog up i plan to reference it in an application to write for rough guides, its a bit of a long shot i know but anything can happen if you spend your time doing things.

speaking of doing things i'm also gradually getting back into exercising properly, had a bit of a lazy few months really but the weights training and running is on its way back.

finally (for the moment) i need to start socialising a bit more before i become a recluse

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