Sunday, 18 December 2011

that's IRAQ sorted out then

US troops have now withdrawn from Iraq.  so then lets hear about the WMD you found!  what?? but thats what the war was for....right?
oh dear how embarrassing! 
around one million Iraqis have died due to war since 2003, yep that's a million, a horrible human tragedy!
whats that? the 'official' figures used by the US are around 100,000?
oh well thats ok then
read this for an insight to the misleading IBC figures (IBC respectfully and caringly stands for Iraq Body Count)

The Iraq war has been a disastrous military adventure which has resulted in the loss of over 100,000* Iraqi civilians. Babies born in Fallujah suffer from terrible birth defects as a result of chemical weapons dropped there by the US. WMDs - non existent. Iraq is not a democracy by international standards. Its water and electricity infrastructure has been ruined due to the war. 

*according to the IBC figures, wink wink.  

But to summarise here's a quote from Barack Obama on the end of the war 
"everything that American troops have done in Iraq - all the fighting and dying, bleeding and building, training and partnering, has led us to this moment of success"

Yes that's right! He said "success"!!!

bbc report 

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