Wednesday, 20 April 2011


so rob is off to malta at the end of the month, i'm still not sure why he's doing it but he's doing it so i hope it all works out for him.  went to the pub last night with ryan and rob, it was ryan's idea so he could say farewell to rob and exchange banter.  tuesday night is a good pub night for me being as i'm off work on a wednesday and so i try to encourage as much drunkeness as possible to amuse myself that everyone else will suffer getting up for work in the morning.  the night ended with some sir samuel of bucas which rob said was pointless being as he was going to bed in a minute but i made him drink them anyway along with another pint.

so yeh rob's gonna be living in malta for a while, he has no job out there yet but being as he's quit his job and rented his house out looks like there's no backing out now.  gonna miss the idiot..... a lot.

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