Monday, 30 May 2011

fun with friends

went to see twisted wheel at the box last night, yep thats right a decent band actually came to crewe!  went out with ryan, lewis, gaz, emma and lisa and a couple of ryans mates whose names i cant remember.  had a few in square one whilst watching man utd get punished by barcelona in champions league final then on to the box.  twisted wheel were brilliant, loved it,  had fun jumpin around with lewis and sloshing beer about.  i insisted we played the touch someones hat game, there was one girl wearing a hat so the idea is we all have to walk past and touch the hat, we werent very good at doing it discreetly so this girl looked very very bemused. funny game.

after wheel we made spur of the moment decision to go to nantwich and kinda rushed off to get a taxi, felt a bit rude to gaz and emma coz they didnt come and we suddenly whizzed off but anyway spent the rest of the night in nakatcha, i hate the place but its where everyone one goes so went with it.

crashed at lewis's pad and woke up not knowing where i was, still dressed and in a pink bed, haha.

been feelin not so fresh and quite sleepy today but as usual i perk up at night which is why i'm writing this at 01:24am.......right, bed time.

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