Sunday, 15 May 2011

swing low

went to meet scott in the pub last night, tried to rush thinking he was waiting on his billy only to find him sat with a group of drunken 60 year old swingers.  i'm not joking! this one fella was groping some womens tits in the middle of the pub.  he'll talk to anyone that lad.  had a few pints, nothing to heavy and then scott went of home and left me with one of the swingers who insisted on buying me another pint while he finished off his drunken stories, was i being groomed? i wasn't about to find out, drank that last beer pretty sharpish and made for the exit to home.

just been round this afternoon to see scott, natalie and little william and take some family photos.  wasn't happy with most of my shots, think i'm out of practice with my camera now but got a handful of really decent ones which made it worthwhile and should look great once i've had them printed.

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