Monday, 25 July 2011

say yes

i have a rule i try to live by of saying yes when presented with an opportunity. unless there's a genuinely good reason to say no then say yes because good things usually follow on and unravel and maybe you'll meet people and do things that you wouldn't have done otherwise.  i realised recently that i apply this rule to my friends which usually results in going out, seeing bands and going to the pub, so not that difficult to live by really but i probably haven't been following the same philosophy (if you can call it that) when bec says lets do something.  so yesterday when bec suggests walking to the duke of gloucester for a meal my initial response was "walk??" and then "where can we go that's closer?" and then "i'll get a bottle of wine and we'll eat at home".  after a bit of moaning and being evasive i decided i had to say yes for once.  the walk wasn't that bad and we had a good time.  when quiz night started later on i couldn't wait to get out of the place, i hate quiz nights, they are dull, boring, ruin the atmosphere and the only people who can answer all of the irrelevant questions are square stuffed shirts.  so when bec said "shall we do the quiz?" i said.......Yes!

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