Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

went to liverpool yesterday with bec.  had bit of food and drink in the shipping forecast and due to the inevitable bank holiday rain found an excuse to have another red stripe before moving on.  went down to the docks and in the tate, didnt realise they had a magritte exhibition on but was pleasantly surprised and bought some tickets.  it was worthwhile although we hadnt left ourselves much time before closing due to getting too comfy in pub before.  an hour and a half is enough time to see everything but not really when your with bec who likes to read every single little info panel.  i'm not complaining though because when i first started taking bec to art galleries i thought i'd be dragging her round all bored but now shes become more of a connoisseurial critic.  came away feeling creative and inspired to pick up my brushes again, i'm also going to the tate modern in london next week to see the joan mirĂ³ exhibition.  quick drink in a little cafe on the way back, dont mention the cake situation.....

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