Sunday, 18 September 2011

Berlusconi "prime minister in my spare time"

How does Berlusconi sleep with eight prostitutes in one night (allegedly) along with a few other sex scandals and still manage to stay in his job?  maybe its not such a big deal in Italy but if I substitute our prime minister's name in to the following report see how ridiculous it sounds:
In one call dated 1 January 2009, David Cameron allegedly tells a local businessman that 11 women were waiting outside his door but he only "did" eight of them because "you can't do them all"
He'd be hounded out of office within days in this country but then none of our MP's look like they could star in one of the Godfather films so maybe that's the difference.  The expenses scandal caused loads of trouble in Britain but in Italy they go one step further:
Meanwhile, opposition MPs have called for an inquiry into a suggestion in the intercepted calls that government aircraft were used to fly women to private parties held by Mr Berlusconi.
Brilliant!  compare that to
Margaret Beckett MP made a £600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants. She dismissed the claim as a mistake. 

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