Friday, 28 October 2011

is it coz i is black???

So John Terry is a racist now is he? video from the Chelsea v QPR game supposedly shows him calling Anton Ferdinand a "fucking black cunt" whilst shouting abuse at each other and the media have been all over it all week.  He denies it of course but even if he did say it whats all the fuss about?

  1. We all know Terry isn't racist whether he said it or not
  2. Incase anyone hasn't noticed.... Ferdinand IS black
If you mention someones ethnicity with prejudice then yes its racist, so if Terry infers he is a cunt because he is black then yes he's a nasty idiotic racist but today in the year 2011 when the majority of us have all got over the fact that different people have different colour skin surely you can acknowledge someones race without being racist even if you are giving them some shit!

Oh and one more thing, which word is more offensive? black? or cunt?
Yes its cunt isn't it?!

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